Your Donations at Work!

Thanks to generous sangha donations, major work has been completed in 1929 Russell, the apartment above the Community Room. There is now a heat pump and a complete ventilation system, including ducting, registers, and thermostat. None of this existed before. Also, those smelly and noisy gas heaters in the Community Room and apartment above have been removed, and the openings have been dry-walled.
Next on the agenda: we will begin replacing Community Room windows with secure, energy-saving double-paned windows. Since these are quite expensive, we will do a few at a time as our budget allows. Check out the photos below of work accomplished. Huge thank-yous to Greg Denny as Project Manager; to Mary Duryee for her wisdom and guidance throughout; to residents Helen Cheng and Preston Evers for their patience and collaboration during months-long preparation and several weeks of disruption during the actual work; and to Cheryl Gordon for keeping focus and preparing for the windows replacement.