Welcome to BZC may all beings realize their true nature

Respecting the wise direction to “shelter in place” while the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, we are making use of available technology to continue to practice together only on the Zoom platform until further notice.

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A Message from our Board and Coordinator

Dear Sangha,

The BZC Board joins the Coordinating Committee in the decision to keep BZC closed for person-to-person events at least through 2020. The decision comes with sadness, because of our awareness of how encouraging our physical presence is to one another, and also with the awareness that the COVID numbers are still surging in Alameda County, and expected to continue to do so through August.

We hope this decision will provide a modicum of predictability for those planning fall events: we know that they will be online activities. We will revisit this decision in a few months to determine when, and under what circumstances, a re-opening may occur. We expect that we will continue with online programs even after opening the actual Zendo, inspired by the vitality that sangha members now bring to our online programs and meetings.

In the meantime, the Building and Grounds committee, led by Rob Lyons, is meeting with the Health and Safety committee, led by Jake Van Akkeren, to evaluate whether and what changes need to be made to our physical space that will make re-opening safer.

We are grateful for the past stewardship on the part of countless people which allows us to be sure we will, in fact, have a Zendo to return to once we are through these woods. And, we are grateful for the generous support of the sangha through the continued provision of donations, dues, and energy which makes our practice place so vital and continuous.

Mary Duryee,
on behalf of the BZC Board

Affirmation of Welcome

Walking the path of liberation, we express our intimate connection with all beings. Welcoming diversity, here at Berkeley Zen Center the practice of zazen is available to people of every race, nationality, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical ability. May all beings realize their true nature.