Welcome to BZC may all beings realize their true nature

This Week’s Practice Period Events

  • This Thursday’s class with Hozan Sensei (7:15 – 8:45 in the online zendo) will cover The Three Refuges or Three Treasures, which are shared by almost all schools of Buddhism. (Cost for the series is $40, or $10 per class, or whatever you can afford). Class is open to all.
  • Friday at 5:40 pm Abbot Hozan will offer a Zazen Refresher, at the usual time of afternoon zazen in the online zendo.
  • This Saturday, Hozan Sensei will give a second lecture on Dogen’s Fukanzazengi.
  • And don’t forget to sign up for a Sunday tea with the Abbot (7:00 pm – separate Zoom link will be sent to participants): March 16, 23, or June 13. To sign up, send an email to Hannah at hmeara@gmail.com.
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Our Approach to Practice Period

Since 1989, Berkeley Zen Center has had an annual six-week practice period in the spring or fall. Sojun Roshi regularly offered words of encouragement and perspective for those intending to participate. For our Spring 2021 Practice Period, I offer a similar message, drawing on Sojun’s expression and my own.

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BZC Remains Closed To In Person Activities
Until Further Notice

The Board has decided to keep BZC’s physical facilities closed to all but essential activities through our Spring Practice Period. All community spaces in the BZC facilities are officially closed. The patio, garden, community room, and zendo may be used only if necessary or essential, with prior notification and approval. We are in the process of evaluating various criteria for opening.

Affirmation of Welcome

Walking the path of liberation, we express our intimate connection with all beings. Welcoming diversity, here at Berkeley Zen Center the practice of zazen is available to people of every race, nationality, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical ability. May all beings realize their true nature.