Welcome to BZC may all beings realize their true nature

We’re Not Going Anywhere

Long ago, when BZC was still on Dwight Way, a policeman, seeing the lights on, knocked at the front door in the early hours of morning. The officer was checking that everything was okay. Sojun answered politely that some people were meditating up in the attic. The policeman looked a little puzzled and asked something like, “Where do you think you’re going with this?” Sojun said, “We’re not going anywhere.”

In September of 2020, in this season of pandemic, in a week of wildfires with smoke hanging heavy in the air, we are still not going anywhere. BZC’s in-person practice is on hold until at least the end of the year. Along with so many others in California, we are trying to contain the Covid-19 infection. In late December we’ll consider if circumstances warrant at least a partial reopening.

Meanwhile, we are doing all we can to maintain a steady program on a digital platform: daily zazen, lectures, classes, and dokusan. Thank you for your participation and practice. We will see you online. We’re not going anywhere.

Affirmation of Welcome

Walking the path of liberation, we express our intimate connection with all beings. Welcoming diversity, here at Berkeley Zen Center the practice of zazen is available to people of every race, nationality, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical ability. May all beings realize their true nature.