Welcome to BZC may all beings realize their true nature

One Day Sesshin February 18

We sit from 7:50 am to 5:30 pm.  Deadline to sign up is Noon on Thursday, February 16.  In-person attendance will be limited to 30 people.  Slots will be given on a first-come-first-served basis.



The sesshin will also be offered online:  (sign up with the same form as above).

Abbot’s Message: Looking Back, Stepping Forward

Welcome to 2023 and the turning of the season, the return of light. What will come our way this year is unknown. The pandemic still wanders at will; its course is uncertain and compels us to stay flexible in so many of our activities.
The last three years—marked by the pandemic and by Sojun Roshi’s illness and death—have spurred us to let go of customary patterns and plans, to adapt, to bow to grief and loss, even as we move forward….


If you are interested in attending in person zazen, please send your vax and booster information to the Office Manager –  bzcofficemanager@gmail.com – AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE YOU ATTEND (if sooner than that, also bring your vax card and ID with you).  You need to send it in by email, even if you have shown your card to the monitor.

IF YOU TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID within two days of being here, please notify the coordinator, Carol Paul, at caroljpaul@yahoo.com.