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News Flash: Reduced Schedule for Rohatsu Sesshin

Because of our concerns about the current surge of COVID in the Bay Area, the leadership of the Berkeley Zen Center has decided to cut back and simplify our program for this year’s Rohatsu sesshin.  We will still offer in-person participation (as well as online), but we have eliminated activities that run the risk of transmitting the virus among participants.

In the morning we will have three periods of zazen, followed by a lecture; and in the afternoon we will have three periods of zazen, concluding with the refuges.  There will be a two hour break between.

Daily zazen will NOT be offered at the usual times (6:00 am, noon, and 5:40 pm) during Rohatsu.  Non-sesshin sitters are invited to join any of the sesshin  activities in the Online Zendo:

  • 8:00am ZAZEN
  • 8:40am KINHIN
  • 8:50am (ROBE CHANT) ZAZEN
  • 9:30am KINHIN
  • 9:40am ZAZEN
  • 10:10am KINHIN
  • 10:15am DHARMA TALK (theme is Fukanzazengi)
  • 11:30am BREAK
  • 1:30pm ZAZEN
  • 2:10pm KINHIN
  • 2:20pm ZAZEN [Monday: Suzuki Roshi Memorial; Sunday: Shosan (formal Q&A) with the Abbot]
  • 3:00pm KINHIN
  • 3:10pm ZAZEN
  • 3:50pm REFUGES (Pali Refuges)

The revised fee for sesshin is $15 or whatever you can afford.

For more information, email the Sesshin Director Rob Lyons: dharmawork@yahoo.com


If you are interested in attending in person zazen, please send your vax and booster information to the Office Manager –  bzcofficemanager@gmail.com – AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE YOU ATTEND (if sooner than that, also bring your vax card and ID with you).  You need to send it in by email, even if you have shown your card to the monitor.

IF YOU TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID within two days of being here, please notify the coordinator, Carol Paul, at caroljpaul@yahoo.com.