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Women’s Sesshin

Our spring Women’s Sesshin will be Sunday, April 2, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Keep watch on the website and listserv for the speaker and more details.. The sign-up form will be sent via the listserv in mid-March. For more information, contact Mary Duryee at maduryee@icloud.com.

Abbot’s Message:   Sanshin—Dogen’s Three Minds

In 1237, as Dogen Zenji was creating his new monastery in the wilds of western Echizen Province, he composed the Eihei Shingi,* with precise instructions and an overview of temple responsibilities. The first chapter of this manual is Tenzo Kyokun, instructions for the head cook. Tenzo Kyokun is a wonderfully practical text that still guides our own kitchen practice and influences all aspects of our Zen practice.
In ancient China and Japan, the tenzo or head cook was a pivotal position for a senior monk in a monastery….


If you are interested in attending in person zazen, please send your vax and booster information to the Office Manager –  bzcofficemanager@gmail.com – AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE YOU ATTEND (if sooner than that, also bring your vax card and ID with you).  You need to send it in by email, even if you have shown your card to the monitor.

IF YOU TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID within two days of being here, please notify the coordinator, Carol Paul, at caroljpaul@yahoo.com.