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Spring Practice Period

Our annual spring practice period has begun! And will continue through a five-day sesshin and Shuso Ceremony on Sunday, June 12.

In our Soto Zen tradition, a new abbot’s first practice period with a shuso is a kind of confirmation of his or her position. With our spring practice period Hozan takes this step.

There is a Thursday evening class with Hozan, studying the classic Lotus Sutra para­bles (online only).

For a digital copy of the materials for the class, click here.

At all events, due to our Covid protocols, in-person attendance will be limited, and the schedule is subject to change.

Practice Period Calendar

Sign Up for Shuso Tea (only practice period participants)


Join us back in the zendo!

We are now open for:

  • 6:00 am zazen Monday – Friday

We sit for an hour, with a signal after 40 minutes, allowing people to stretch or change position. Zazen is followed by chanting service and a short period of temple cleaning.

  • 5:40 pm zazen and service Monday – Friday
  • Noon zazen on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  • NOTE: The 5:40 pm Way-Seeking Mind talk on the first Friday of each month will be online only.

We are maintain­ing our vaccination, masking (use N95, KN95, or KF94 please), and seating protocols to minimize the risk of infection.

Please email a picture of your booster date to Office Manager Helen Cheng (bzcofficemanager@gmail.com) at least a week before you wish to attend; if sooner than that, also bring your vax card with you to the zendo. 

For questions about our program, contact BZC’s Coordinator Carol Paul (caroljpaul@yahoo.com).