Zazen Instruction

In-Person Zazen Instruction and Beginner Orientation

We are now offering meditation instruction and orientation every Saturday morning, at 8:40 am, at BZC (1933 Russell St) .

We share how we meditate and also some details about how to move around in our zendo (meditation hall) and join services (bowing and chanting).

After the orientation, participants are welcome to join the next period of zazen in the zendo (at 9:40 am) and the lecture at 10:15.  The Saturday program ends by 11:30 am.

No need to sign up; all are welcome!

Online Instruction ..

… is no longer offered live.  Please check out the link to Sojun Roshi’s instruction below.  Or explore the Teachers page to make an appointment for a one-on-one zazen instruction.

More about Zazen Instruction

45-Minute video meditation instruction from our late founder Sojun Weitsman Roshi:

Sojun’s Roshi’s September 2020 Zazen Instruction

A July 2020 essay from Abbot Hozan Alan Senauke:

My Zazen