Position Changes

Bruce Coughran has passed his part of zendo management on to Leslie Bartholic, who will finish out the year sharing responsibilities with Mark Copithorne.
Anne Jennings has been creating the Dokusan calendars for us to schedule our meetings with Sojun and Hozan for eight years. She now passes the template on to Raghav Bandla.
Ken Powelson, our Head Resident of the past few years, will pass on the responsibilities of this position to Alexandra Frappier.
Hannah Meara will assume the role of Shika (Guest Coordinator) from Ken Powelson. The Shika arranges for the welcome and comfort of our overnight guests.
Dean Bradley will carry on the Co-Saturday Director duties from Mary Beth Lamb in January. She will alternate these Saturdays with Judy Fleischman, who is entering her second year at the position.
Mary Duryee has fulfilled the role of Project Manager for the past few years. After her Shusodom, she was invited by Sojun Roshi to be our board President. The search to find her P.M. successor didn’t take long, since Rob Lyons, who recently oversaw the replacement of our temple entrance brick pathway, was our pick to carry on with the important duties of this position.
Ed Herzog has been our Saturday Work Leader, coordinating the care and maintenance of our temple each week for the last three years. He now passes his clipboard to Ken Powelson. Please come to our Saturday work circle and help us support our practice place. Many hands make light work!
Thanks to you all for your dedication! 🙏