Work Day 2016 (Samu)

Wikipedia says that:

Samu refers to physical work that is done with mindfulness as a simple, practical practice…Samu is a way to bring mindfulness into everyday life as well as to get things done. Samu is popular in Zen monasteries, particularly as a means of maintaining the monastery.

Right on, Wikipedia!

Twice a year, sangha members are invited to participate in Berkeley Zen Center’s work day.  The first one of the year took place on Sunday, March 27th.

Our work leader, Paul Ridgway, developed a list of necessary projects to be done around the temple, and assigned each person to a crew – garden, shop/carpentry, kitchen. One shop crew sanded and put a coat of protective resin on the front zendo steps, the Abbot’s entrance, and the ramp.  The garden crew dug behind the zendo and along the fence leading to and away from the dokusan hut, laying mesh under the mulch to encourage the growth of some seeds, and discourage the growth of others.  Our kitchen crew started early and stayed late to prepare coffee!, breakfast, picnic lunch, coffee!, and beverages and snacks throughout the day.

One can sign up for the morning, afternoon, or the whole day which begins and ends with a 20-30 minute period of zazen.

Please join us for our next work day, scheduled for Sunday, September 18th. Bring your samu mind.