Nominations for the BZC Board

Every year the Sangha elects three of six members-at-large to terms of two years to the BZC Board.  There is a two-term limit.  Elections take place in October and the new term starts in January.  The board will present its three nominees at the all-sangha membership meeting on September 13th, and other nominations can be made at that time from the floor by sangha members.

The board has already selected two of its nominees: Mark Copithorne and Stan Dewey, both of whom are currently serving their first term and have agreed to run for second terms.  Troy DuFrene is retiring from the board at the end of his term.  The board is extremely grateful for his service; he was crucial in getting the electronic voting for the board up and running and in redesigning and maintaining the BZC website.

The board will be considering whom to nominate to fill the third member-at-large position and would like to receive suggestions from BZC members.  Among the skills needed are: oral and written communication, organization, information technology, money management, fundraising, engineering, building maintenance and non-profit law. Board members attend monthly meetings and an all-day retreat in January, and serve on at

least one working board committee: finance, buildings, development, electronic communication, and nomination/elections. If you have a suggested candidate or are yourself interested in being nominated, please contact the Broad Recruitment and Elections Committee chair, Stan Dewey at