From the Residents’ Table

Dear Sangha,

The residents would like to invite you to dinner! You may have noticed a new signup sheet on the porch bulletin board; we will now have space for two people to sign up for each meal. (Occasionally, the cook will be inviting guests which may take these two slots, but we will do our best to reflect this on the signup sheet in advance.) Please sign up and join our table!

Dinner starts at 6:30 (after afternoon zazen) every Tuesday except for the first Tuesday of the month (dates are shown on the signup sheet) and runs to 7:30. Then the rezzie meeting, which is limited to residents, begins. However, in the interests of greater transparency, we will be letting the sangha know, via this newsletter, what is on the residents’ minds at these meetings (besideswho is doing which chores.) Recently it has been:

Development around the corner?

An SF real estate developer has proposed to transform AW Pottery on the corner of Adeline and Russell into a 55 unit five-story apartment building. There have been two community meetings thus far to air the neighbors’ views and there will no doubt be more. Rahul Brown, his wife Asha and their daughter Uma came to Resident Dinner a number of weeks ago. They live next door at 1935 Russell “Tenants In Common” complex where Mark Copithorne, another sangha member, lives with his family. Rahul has been very involved in community organizing around this development project and shared some of his ideas to further our collective involvement as neighbors.

Katy has reported back (in a previous newsletter) the results of one of these community meetings. We are trying to keep abreast of these changes in our community, and to be part of the process that extends beyond our gate to shape the community we live in. If you are interested in participating, please let us know.Or just come join us for dinner!


Head Resident