Continuous Prayer Chant

How can we support sangha brothers and sisters who are about to have a surgery procedure, who are in recovery from an accident, who are undergoing a difficult health problem, or who are transitioning from this life? One possible loving action is to join with them by means of a continuous prayer chant (the En Mei Jukku Kannon Gyo) for the duration of the surgery, or in some situations, during a whole day. Persons who have received such prayer chants speak of feeling the sense of being held, contained in loving support and healing.

With the agreement of the abbots, the coordinator, and the Practice Committee, we are establishing this practice at BZC and hope that recipients of the continuous prayer chant find it supportive and healing.

Here is how it works: If someone would like to receive this support, they make a request through Penelope Luminous Heart Thompson, who is coordinating this new process. They give her the information and details that they wish to give about their condition and the amount of time that would be helpful. (For example, if a surgery is to last approximately two hours, the chanting could begin an hour or two earlier while the recipient is in pre-op, and could continue for another two hours post-op.)

Upon receiving this request and informa­tion, Luminous Heart will send out a signup sheet with half-hour slots in which people can add their names. The idea is to fill each of these slots, so there is continuous prayer and energy being sent.

This is a new process at BZC and is presented as an experiment, in the hope that members may find this experience healing during a challenging time in their lives.