Changing Hands

This month we report a huge transition in roles at Berkeley Zen Center. After several years in the position as coordinator, Leslie Bartholic is stepping down. Leslie brought a thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and equanimity to this responsibility that would have made Shakymuni smile. Fortunately for us, the Cal Ripken (or Lou Gehrig, if you prefer) of BZC, Ross Blum is taking over.  Innumerable gasshos to them both.

We offer our thanks to Ross as well for serving as Head Doan for the past year and a half. Paul Ridgway will be stepping into this position.

Paul has been our Art Coordinator for several years now. He has cared for and displayed the art pieces you see in the zendo and in the community room. We are grateful for his service and welcome Alexandra Frappier to this position.

Stephanie Seaborg has been our Head Chiden for the past two and a half years, with Jeanne Courtney assisting this year. We thank them both for their devotion to this practice. They have been overseeing the care of our altars on a day to day basis as well as for our ceremonies. We welcome Alexandra Frappier to this position.

Marie Hopper has been our newsletter distributor for the past two years. She’s been responsible for making sure the newsletters get addressed, stamped and mailed, as well as distributed at BZC. We’re very grateful for her service and welcome Heather Burns to this position.

And finally, Greg Denny is passing newsletter editor duties to the very capable Ken Knabb.