September Work Weekend

Please join us for a special work weekend September 20 and 21. Many of BZC’s unpainted wood surfaces, the zendo in particular, badly need cleaning, resurfacing, and refinishing.
We’ve hired Gustavo, our excellent contractor, to pressure-wash surfaces two weeks prior to our work. Our job will consist of light sanding and then applying a low- VOC sealer with brushes and rollers. No experience is necessary. We’ve cancelled the usual Sept. 20 Saturday program schedule so everyone will find it easier to show up and pitch in. A reliably great lunch will be served each day.

Our zendo is thirty-two years old this year and over that time we’ve done our best to keep it in good condition both inside and out. It’s been a good while since we last applied oil to the exterior walls and there are serious areas of black mold and cracked, dried out wood. For those who prefer not to work with oil or sanding or even outdoors, we have several alternative projects, and of course kitchen support is always welcome.

Walter Kieser, Mary Duryee, and Ron Nestor are organizing the weekend with work leaders Paul Ridgway and Bruce Coughran helping to supervise. A sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board; it includes the option of just dropping in at any time during the day.

The schedule will be:

  • Sat., 9/20
    • 8:00 am: coffee & pastries
    • 8:15 am: work meeting
    • 12:00 pm: lunch
    • 1:00 pm: work
    •  4:00 pm: end (zazen TBD)
    •  9:00 am
    • 9:15 am
  • Sun., 9/21
    • 9:00 am: arrive
    • 9:15 am: work meeting
    • 12:30 pm: lunch
    • 4:00 pm: end (zazen TBD)

We’ve set aside Sunday Sept. 28 as a back-up
day in case we don’t finish the work in one weekend