The Second Circle: “What is the Self?”

A talk given at Berkeley Zen Center on Saturday, May 28th 2022 by Gary Artim.


Listen to an audio-only version of this talk here:

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Gary Artim

About Gary Artim

Enzan Chotoku (Round Mountain/ Clear Genuine)<br /> Gary started practice in 1990 with a candle and the book Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh. Slowly he found his way to Berkeley Zen Center, through Tassajara, Green Gulch, and City Center. His primary teacher was Sojun Mel Weitsman. He was lay ordained in 1997 and served as Shuso in 2022. He has held several practice positions including Tenzo, Sesshin Director, Head Server, Jikido, etc. He enjoys traveling with his wife Emily, movies and reading.

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