Yun-Men, Case 86. The Kitchen Pantry and The Main Gate (Shuso Talk #2)

A talk given at Berkeley Zen Center on Saturday, June 10th 2023 by Sue Oehser.


Listen to an audio-only version of this talk here:

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Sue Oehser

About Sue Oehser

Sue Oehser joined BZC in 1990 and received Lay Ordination in 1995; Sojun Roshi gave her lay ordination and the dharma name Ju Myo Sei Shin (Bright Pearl, Pure Faith. She has served as Head Chiden, co-Zendo Manager and Saturday Director. Sue was in charge of Oryoki (eating bowl) instruction. She served on the Board and is currently (Spring 2023) the Shuso, or Head Student. Sue used to have a morning Montessori preschool at in her home, and was married to the incomparable Gordon Oehser for many years, until his death in 2019.

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