Altars and Bodhisattvas: our Practice

A talk given at Berkeley Zen Center on Saturday, March 16th 2024 by Hannah Meara.


Listen to an audio-only version of this talk here:

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Hannah Meara

About Hannah Meara

Hannah began practice in the 90’s in Chicago temples and periods of work practice at Green Gulch Farm. In 2000 she retired from a career in applied Sociology and began 6 years at San Francisco Zen Center: Tassajara, City Center and Green Gulch. She was ordained as a priest by Edward Brown in 2006. Since then she has moved to be close to young granddaughters, first in Santa Cruz and now Berkeley. She was active in Santa Cruz Zen Center (also in Vipassana Santa Cruz) and served as Shuso with Kokyo Henkel. In December 2015 she moved to Berkeley and to practice at Berkeley Zen Center, serving on the Board and as Zendo Manager. Her dharma name was given by her teacher Hozan Alan Senauke from whom she received Dharma Transmission in 2024.

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