BZC 2022 Annual Calendar in PDF Format (revised, 3/11/22; subject to change; see monthly calendar below to confirm.)

NEW   BZC 2023 Annual Calendar in PDF Format

Weekly Schedule

Events in November 2022

  • Way Seeking Mind Talk: Taryn Eliot
  • Lecture: Bob Rosenbaum
  • Half-Day Sitting
  • Founders' Ceremony
    Lecture: HEAR Presentation
  • Lecture: Abbot Hozan
  • Board Meeting
  • Way Seeking Mind Talk: Emily Fenster
  • Lecture: Luminous Heart Thompson
  • Way Seeking Mind Talk: Juen Friederike Boissevain
    Class postponed to January
  • Zendo Holiday
  • Lecture: Abbot Hozan
  • Way Seeking Mind Talk: Rob Walker
    Class postponed to January