The zendo is closed; we are offering online programs on the Zoom platform.

Click here for printable 2021 Calendar through June (updated Feb 24, 2021)

Weekly Online Schedule


Events in April 2021

  • Way-Seeking Mind Talk: Jean Selkirk
    Zazen Instruction with Hozan Sensei
  • Lecture: Lien Shutt
  • Open Discussion
  • Buddha's Birthday
    Lecture: Hozan Alan Senauke
  • Women's Sesshin
  • Way-Seeking Mind Talk: Rhianna Wiggins
  • Lecture: Carol Paul
  • Way-Seeking Mind Talk: Mark Copithorne
  • Lecture: Hozan Alan Senauke
    Young East Bay Zen Meet Up
  • Way-Seeking Mind Talk: Marie Hopper