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Gerry began Zen practice in 1989 at Green Gulch Zen Center and has studied with Tenshin Reb Anderson. She transitioned to practice at Berkeley Zen Center in 1996 and was lay ordained by Sojun Mel Weitsman in 1997. She was Shuso at BZC in 2008. She spent several 3-month practice periods at Tassajara Mountain Zen Center. She received priest ordination from Sojun Roshi in September of 2012 and Dharma Transmission in 2017. Gerry facilitates the BZC Wednesday night drop-in group. Gerry is a retired pediatrician with a focus on community public health on the faculty of UCSF Medical School for over 20 years. She still does some part-time consulting for UCSF. She has two grown sons and one grandchild and delights in kayaking, birding, hiking and family life.