Spring Practice Period 2023

The BZC 2023 Spring Practice Period is just around the corner – May 13 to June 25. This special time of deepening our practice will begin with the usual opening Sesshin, this year on Saturday, May 13, highlighted by the Shuso Entering Ceremony. Hozan has asked long time member Sue Oesher (Jumyo Seishin / Bright Pearl Pure Faith) to serve as Shuso, or Head Student alongside him for the six-week Practice Period. Preston Evers will take the position of Benji, or attendant during that time as the Jisha, arranging Sangha teas, and assisting Sue in various ways.

Below you will find links to the PARTICIPATION/COMMITMENT form and Practice Period CALENDAR. Please click on the form link and CHECK the various events you will attend either in person or online during this enriching time. These include your zazen intention on weekdays and Saturdays, the opening Sesshin, a Thursday night class with the Abbot, a zazen refresher with the Abbot, Bansan–tea/discussion with the Abbot, an all-Sangha workday, Shosan–Q & A with the Abbot, a Practice Period outdoor dinner, a group tea with the Shuso, practice discussion with a teacher or practice leader, the closing 5-day Sesshin, and the Shuso Ceremony.

Some events will have their own sign up forms, so watch for PRACTICE PERIOD emails on the list serve to participate in Sesshins, the class, the workday, and the practice period dinner. Each of us is encouraged to carefully consider our schedule and responsibilities as we decide what we can reasonably do. All are asked to check off zazen and event times, signing the form as a kind of contract, committing to what we intend to do. This offers a meaningful way for each of us to clarify our intention to ourselves. In this way, the Practice Period invites a unique opportunity to stretch one’s practice while supporting the Shuso as she encourages and inspires our practice as well.