Sojun Roshi Memorial at Green Gulch Farm June 19

When Sojun Roshi died in January of 2021, the pandemic prevented us from holding the funeral his family, students, and wide circle of loving community had wished to hold, honoring his long and rich life. On Sunday, June 19, at Green Gulch Farm we will, at last, be able to memorialize our beloved teacher.

In our Soto Zen tradition, there are intimate forms and ceremonies for honoring those departed. To accomplish this, we are fortunate to be able to draw on good friends and resources of BZC, San Francisco Zen Center, and the Soto Zen International Center.

BZC members should have received an invitation, via Paperless Post. We ask you to RSVP so we can be clear about logistical needs. If you have questions about the invitation, please contact Mary Duryee:

Note that there will be a smaller ceremony at BZC for our members on Saturday, June 18, in the afternoon or evening. Further details to be announced.