20s & 30s Dharma Group

October 2017
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20s/30s Dharma Group (BZC)

20s/30s Dharma Group (BZC)
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BZC invites young adults in their 20’s and 30’s to join us in a monthly open discussion group about Zen Buddhism, meditation, and developing a personal practice. Our aim is to cultivate Kalyana Mitta, spiritual friendship, to provide members with the opportunity to meet others in their age group to support each other in bringing Zen practice more fully into our daily lives.

This year we will alternate meetings between two venues:

  1. Saturdays at 11:30 after lecture in the zendo. Indicated by BZC after date
  2. Weekday evenings for an outing to a local café. People can join us for the 5:40 sitting at BZC and/or meet at 6:30 at BZC to go to a nearby eatery. Indicated by off-site after date

Meeting dates in 2018

  • March 10 Meeting at BZC 11:30
  • April 14 Meeting at BZC 11:30
  • April 20-22 Hills an Streams Backpacking Trip
  • May 14 Meeting at BZC 11:30
  • June 23. Meeting at BZC 11:30 – Optional hike or lunch afterwards**
  • July 14 Meeting at BZC 11:30
  • Sept 8 Meeting at BZC 11:30
  • Oct 15 Meet at BZC 6:30 after Zazen and go to restaurant for meeting ***

*Meetings at BZC at 11:30 end at between 1:15 and 1:30 depending on the content

** We will meet at BZC at 11:30 for about an hour, after which we will have the option to go to lunch together or get a to go lunch and go on a short hike

*** People are encouraged to attend 5:40 Zazen and then we will meet in the courtyard and walk to a nearby café for dinner.

For further instruction contact Gerry Oliva:  gryoliva@gmail.com.