2023 BZC Calendar of Events
(revised, 4/26/23; subject to change; see monthly calendar below to confirm. Also note details about whether an event is hybrid, in person only, or online only.)

NEW! 2024 BZC Calendar of Events

Weekly Schedule

Jukai (Lay Ordination)

Sat, Nov 18, 2023

Lay Ordination (Jukai) will be held in the Zendo from 3PM to 6PM.

Lay Ordinees, their teachers, officiants, and invited friends and family will be in the zendo.  The rest of the community is invited to attend online by using the zendo link on the BZC home page.

Hozan Alan Senauke will transmit the precepts to students Jaimie Kimmel and James Erb; Ryushin Andrea Thatch will transmit the precepts to students Greg Herz, Pauline Kerschen, and Evan Vreeland.

Longtime BZC friend, Alan Block, will confer precepts to his student Linda Ostro.


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