2024 BZC Calendar of Events

Weekly Schedule

Five-Day Sesshin (End Practice Period)

Wed, Jun 21, 2023

These sesshins will generally follow our
winter format, with three periods of zazen in
the morning followed by a dharma talk, then a
midday break for lunch, rest, and work period,
then three periods of zazen in the afternoon.
A modified oryoki lunch will be served at tables
in the courtyard. To purchase a set of oryoki
bowls and/or to sign up for an oryoki training
class, click here:
For all in-person participants, Covid
protocols will apply. You must be fully
vaccinated and boostered, and must wear a
KN94, N95, or KN95 mask indoors. We also
ask that you get tested within 48 hours of the
start of sesshin (an antigen rapid test will
suffice), and also that if you have any Covid
symptoms such as fever, cough, etc., that you
shift to online participation.
When paying for sesshin, please indicate
on your check or in the PayPal note field that
your donation is related to the May 13 or June
21‒25 sesshin. The suggested donation is $25
per day for in-person attendees, and $15 for
online participants (or whatever you can
afford). Mail a check to the BZC Office
Manager at 1931 Russell St., Berkeley 94703,

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