Chair Sitting

A talk given at Berkeley Zen Center on Saturday, April 1st 2023 by Mary Mocine.


Listen to an audio-only version of this talk here:

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Mary Mocine

About Mary Mocine

Mary Mocine has been a Zen priest since 1994. A Lawyer for 18 years, Mary practiced legal aid, a bit of criminal defense, plaintiffs’ personal injury and labor law. She had her own practice in Oakland for many years. Mary has taught lawyers at mindfulness retreats at Tassajara and at Spirit Rock. She has led a dharma support group for lawyers for many years. Mary likes to work with lawyers because she knows first-hand the challenges and joys of law practice and because she speaks both “languages,” law practice and dharma practice. California Lawyer magazine has published Mary’s essays and they are available at the law dharma button on her temple website, Mary is now the abbess at the Vallejo Zen Center, which she founded in 2000, on leaving the San Francisco Zen Center.

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