2024 BZC Calendar of Events

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Buddha’s Birthday Ceremony

Sat, Apr 6, 2024

On Saturday, April 6, 10:15‒11:15 a.m., BZC will join Buddhist centers around the world in celebrating the birth of the baby Buddha Page 4 March‒April 2024 BZC Newsletter (traditionally considered to have been in early April). Following a short service and an introductory talk by Hannah Meara in the zendo, we will proceed to the courtyard for a kid-friendly ceremony. After Hannah makes an initial offering of flowers and bathes the baby Buddha with sweet tea, we will chant the Heart Sutra and all adults and children will have a chance to use a ladle to bathe the baby Buddha. Children will also be offered small containers of bubble solution.

We welcome children and others to come for work period at 7:35 a.m. to help decorate the bower in which the baby Buddha stands.

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