BZC 2022 Annual Calendar in PDF Format (revised, 3/11/22; subject to change; see monthly calendar below to confirm.)

NEW   BZC 2023 Annual Calendar in PDF Format

Weekly Schedule

Events in October 2022

  • Lecture: Ryushin Andrea Thach
  • Open Discussion
  • Class: Buddha's Eight-fold Path
  • Way-Seeking Mind Talk: Ron Nestor
  • Lecture: Rhonda Magee
  • Sesshin Close Aspects of Practice
  • Way-Seeking Mind Talk: Heather Sarantis
  • Lecture: Peter Overton
    Jukai (Lay Ordination)
  • New Member Entering Ceremony
  • Lecture: Susan Moon
  • Sangha Work Day
  • Way-Seeking Mind Talk: Kabir Nabi
  • Lecture: Dave Rutschman
    Sejiki Ceremony - Feeding the Hungry Ghosts
  • Women’s Sesshin
  • Way-Seeking Mind Talk: Courtney Gonzalez