BZC 2023 Calendar of Events 
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Weekly Schedule

Way Seeking Mind Talk: Judith Ragir

Fri, Feb 3, 2023

This talk is a change of pace from our usual First Friday student talks. Byakuren Judith Ragir is a Dharma teacher in the Katagiri Roshi Zen lineage with whom she studied for 17 years. She was instrumental in founding Clouds in Water Zen Center in St. Paul, where she was the Guiding Teacher for nine years and is currently Senior Dharma Teacher Emeritus.

Judith will speak about some of the themes of her new book, Untangling Karma; Intimate Zen Stories on Healing Trauma, interspersed with stories from the book of her personal journey of healing.

Healing from trauma can seem daunting at times or even impossible, and yet there are psychological and spiritual guides to help the process of digesting and releasing our pain. Judith suggests that we can balance ourselves through the understanding of the ascending and descending aspects of spirituality.  Using several modalities—Buddhism, 12-step recovery programs, psychotherapy and non-violent communication—and by telling her story, Ragir weaves the possibility of a path of spiritual healing and the alchemy of transformation.

5:40 pm: zazen
5:45 pm: way-seeking mind talk

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