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Thu, Apr 6, 2023

BZC invites you to a Seminar in our online Zendo,  given by an experienced estate attorney, Cynthia Trutner  Cynthia de Nevers Trutner – Bancroft & McAlister LLP ( . Cynthia will provide information on wills, trust, and powers of attorney.  This is offered as a service, with no obligations to the attorney or to BZC.  In California Trusts are highly recommended as a vehicle for simplifying and reducing the costs of settling a person's estate.

A will and trust can be created by consultation with an attorney or by using information and forms available online or publications available through Nolo Press, a company located in Berkeley.

We are accepting Reservations for the Seminar.  Please email Hannah Meara ( for more information or to reserve a spot.

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