BZC Position Changes

Many helping hands keep a Sangha vibrant and running, and this is how BZC continues to manage the many tasks and functions at our temple.
In deep appreciation we express our gratitude to those who have filled the positions below over the past one or two years. And we welcome those who will now fill these positions.

Note: A complete list of all positions is posted on the patio bulletin board.

Position Outgoing Position Holder Incoming Position Holder
Art Coordinator Juliayn Coleman Debra Callahan
Bathroom Attendant Dan Jackson Marley Alexander
Board Recording Secretary Jonathan Koltz Simone Brumis
Bulletin Boards Genpo Senauke Preston Evers
Co-Zendo Managers Hannah Meara & Genpo Senauke Preston Evers & Gerry Oliva
Half-Day Sitting Leader Mark Copithorne Gary Artim
Health/Safety Coordinator Ellen Webb Pauline Kerschen
Kitchen Keeper Brianna McGuire Cecelia Fitzgerald
Newsletter Distribution Joe Buckner Gen Fujioka
Saturday Directors Pauline Kerschen & Joe Buckner Margaux Winter & Joe Buckner
Sesshin Directors Rob Lyons Colleen Busch/Mark Copithorne
Shika (helps overnight guests) Yoni Ackerman Cecelia Fitzgerald
Sunday Sesshin Manager ————— Helen Cheng (new position)
Work Leader (Saturdays) Helen Cheng Yoni Ackerman
Work Leader (Sesshins) Preston Evers Genpo Senauke


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