Second Koan Class

Ryushin Andrea Thach, Ellen Webb, and Ron Nestor will present our second Zoom koan class on three Thursday evenings: October 20, October 27, and November 3. Classes will be at 7:15‒8:45 p.m. All are welcome.

We’ll be continuing with three cases from The Book of Serenity, the koan collection most closely associated with the spirit of Soto Zen. There’s a subtlety and nuance in this collection that we’ve really enjoyed. We’ll also be provid­ing excellent commentaries from Yamada Koun on each of the three cases in online Word documents, including paper copies on the BZC bulletin board shelf for those without printers. Based on our first class series last year, we particularly enjoy the give and take of group discussion rather than a strict lecture format. What do these koans bring up for you? Where is there confusion? Also, after focusing on mainstream Buddhism during Aspects of Practice, it may be interesting to switch gears into a Zen context.
Cost for the series is $30 or whatever you can afford. We’ll be announcing the three cases we’ve picked and sending out the texts and commentaries as we get closer to the starting date, allowing ample time for study before we actually meet.