BZC Open (Online) Zendo on Election Day

BZC Open (Online) Zendo on Election Day

Tuesday 3 November from 5:40am to 9:00pm

You are invited to come to BZC’s online zendo throughout Election  day. People can join as they are able and come and go as they wish. When possible, join during kinhin or the start of a zazen period. During breaks, the zendo will remain open.

There are periods of zazen, walking meditation, open discussion, and breaks.


Zazen—5:40 to 6:20am
Break—6:20 to 7:30am
Zazen—7:30 to 8:10am
Chanting for Suffering Brings—8:15 to 8:45am
Break—8:45 to 9:00am
Zazen—9:00 to 9:40am
Walking—9:40 to 9:50am
Zazen—9:50 to 10:30am
Walking—10:30 to 10:40am
Service—10:40 to 10:50am
Open Discussion—10:50 to 11:30am
Zazen—11:30 to 12 noon
Lunch & Break—12 noon to 1:15pm
Zazen—1:15pm to 1:50pm
Walking—1:50: to 2:00pm
Zazen—2:00 to 2:40pm
Walking—2:40 to 2:50pm
Zazen—2:50 to 3:20pm
Break—3:20 to 3:45pm
Zazen—3:45 to 4:15pm
Open Discussion—4:15 to 4:50pm
Zazen—4:50 to 5:30pm
Kinhin—5:30 to 5:40pm
Zazen—5:40 to 6:20pm
Break—6:20 to 6:50pm
Zazen—6:50 to 7:30pm
Kinhin—7:30 to7:40pm
Discussion—7:40 to 8:30pm
Closing Pali Refuges—9:00pm