Position Changes

Mahin Mahdavi has assumed the role of Head Gardener. Thanks to Mira Queen and Sue Marvin, for overseeing our flora these past years.
Judy Fleischman has concluded her term as Co-Saturday Director. Please welcome Tom Painter to that position who will co-direct with Dean Bradley.
Mark Copithorne has succeeded Alexandra Frappier as Head Chiden. (He also continues to be our Candlemaker.)
Heiko John Lake, who is our Sesshin and Work-Day Work Leader will add Saturday Work Leading from Ken Powelson.
Andrea Henderson will assume the Saturday Head Dishwasher role from Heiko.
Jed Appelman and Mark Copithorne have passed on their roles as Co-Zendo Managers to Carol Paul and Hannah Meara. Hannah will be responsible for scheduling well-being and memorial services. Please contact her at hmeara@gmail.com if you wish to have one.
Zosie Calame and Hosei-Kelsey Hermann, who have coordinated Mountains & Rivers and Hills & Streams sesshins, will pass the camp stove on to a yet TBA person for 2019.
Thanks to you all for your dedication! 🙏