Spring Practice Period

Our 30th annual practice period will begin with a one-day sesshin on Saturday, May 5, and continue through the Shuso Ceremony on Sunday, June 17. Sojun Roshi invites everyone to increase their commitment to practice during this period while still tend-ing to their obligations outside the gate. Sojun has invited Honkyo Joso Ellen Webb to be the Shuso this year, sharing the Abbot’s seat and setting an example for us all. Rondi Saslow will serve as Benji, assisting the Shuso.

For a practice period application and detailed descriptions of practice period activities, see the main bulletin board shelf. Please fill out the application and return it to Shuso Ellen Webb’s mail slot on the community room porch by Monday, April 30.

Remember that in addition to signing up for practice period and turning in an application form, you need to sign up separately for all the individual practice period events. See the bulletin board for these signup sheets.