BZC Board News

The BZC Board is very pleased to announce that the new Vice President is Carol Paul. Since this change was not made prior to the election last October, she will serve as interim Vice Pres­i­dent until next October, when her name will be put forward to the sangha for ratification.

The Board is also pleased to welcome Gregory Smith as its new Recording Secretary.

Sangha members are welcome to attend board meetings. The agenda for meetings will be posted on the two Yahoo group lists several days in advance of each meeting, so that members can see if items of interest will be addressed. The meeting dates in 2018 are: March 18, April 29, May 20, June 10, July 15, August 19, September 16, October 14, and November 18. It has been our practice not to meet in December, and one of the meetings during the summer may be canceled.

All-sangha potlucks are scheduled for March 20 and September 25.

In the next few weeks we will be asking you to fill out a short questionnaire. This will help us update our knowledge of the experience and skills within the sangha. Your response will help us plan our work projects during the year ahead.