Reminiscences of BZC

As part of BZC’s 50th Anniversary celebration, we are working on a 50-years-of-memories book and would appreciate participation of as many people as possible. Do you have a story or some reflections to share about the various aspects of practice at BZC during any of those years? If you’ve been thinking about writing something but haven’t quite gotten around to it, perhaps you’d prefer to have a conversation instead? If so, shoot an email to Andrea Thach at or give her a call and she’ll arrange something for you.

The theme of our 50th Anniversary is “Lighting Up Our World.” So we’d also like to hear how your practice at BZC has lit up, or is lighting up, the path of your life. Please send a few lines or paragraphs to share as a part of the celebration to Andrea (see email above) or to Mary Duryee (